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This wiki is for the mod Academy Craft for Minecraft created by the Chinese team Lambda Innovation. Because the mod is still in the process of being translated, and the only available information is in Chinese, this wiki is looking to fully describe the workings of the mod and how best to progress through it.

Academy Craft is heavily based on the Anime and Manga series "A Certain Scientific Railgun", borrowing elements from several of the characters with special powers, 'Espers', as well as borrowing generalized ideas for the progression system from the world building. At the moment there are four Esper Classifications, one of which you are randomly given during progression.


Academy Craft adds several new Ores into the game as well as a strange colorful liquid called Imag Phase Liquid. The ores and liquid are essential for advancing in the mod and are the primary ingredients for all Machines and Items that you can craft.

Additionally, the mod offers a wireless energy transmission system which is used to power the various machines and can be converted to EU or RF and back.

The main attraction of the mod, however, is the Esper system which gives your character abilities based on characters from the anime. These skills can be leveled up through use and unlock additional skills as they, and you, level up

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